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Dragon Ball Online

Name: Dragon Ball Online
Genre: RPG, Online Games
Platform: Java, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, Iphone, And PC
Screen: Multiscreen
Description: Dragon Ball Online - Online RPGs with interesting storylines and chibi characters. In this game, you will choose one of the three races in the search for the Dragon Balls. The journey and resist the wicked will start is in your hands. Saiyan with tremendous power, Earth people with durability, and Namekian with amazing recovery rating, where would be the most appropriate place for you ? Along with the guidance of our forebears and your own efforts, you can achieve awesome power, become the super warrior. You will not have to fight alone when surround with like-minded warriors, and support each other against the forces of evil. The search for the dragons and

Sebelum mendownload kami sarankan lebih baik anda menggunakan UC Browser karena Lebih Cepat dan Hemat Kuota hingga 80% arus data anda [Download Disini].


Java And Symbian | Android | PC (Computer) | Iphone | Windows Phone

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